The Case for Public Preaching

Public preaching is the purest and plainest definition of the word “preach” in the commandment “preach the gospel”. It is almost comical to watch those that wish to break loose of its shackles attempt to say that preaching means anything other than preaching. I see little problem with classifying door-knocking, or personal evangelism, or even friendship evangelism as preaching the gospel, but for heaven’s sake (literally) do not declassify preaching as preaching the gospel. Continue reading

Thoughts on Ordaining Elders

I believe that it is wrong to leave a church without established elders. I believe that it is wrong to consider a newly ordained elder as established. And, I think it is wrong to ordain more than one elder at a time. Allow me to expound briefly on each of these individually. (Update: I wrote that a while back and have since seen it desirable to tweak these points a bit.) Continue reading